Shopping & wellbeing


A holiday on Rügen includes a shopping spree through the shops and markets of the island. Here you will find everything your heart desires. From small souvenirs and gifts to personal and exclusive presents, the island has many special features. White-blue ceramics, fruity sea buckthorn and soothing healing chalk or golden amber and exclusive fashion – there is something for every taste.

Spa & wellness

Rügen invites you to feel good and recharge your batteries. The interaction of wind, sun, temperature and salt in the air is called stimulating climate. This special climate at the Baltic Sea has an effect on the body, challenges it and can therefore have a healing or symptom-relieving effect. The clear and iodine-containing air and the natural environment are wellness for body and soul. Breathing in and out deeply in this climate stimulates the blood circulation as well as the immune system and metabolism.
This effect can also be significantly enhanced in more than 30 wellness and health facilities. Local products and applications such as sea buckthorn oil and amber massages or healing chalk packs are an integral part of Rügen’s wellness offers.