a place oozing with history

The beach just north of Binz still bears testament to Nazi plans to create the world’s largest resort. The 4.5-kilometre-long megastructure at Prora was originally designed as a national socialist holiday camp between 1936 and 1939 to accommodate 20,000 holidaymakers. Designed by architect Clemens Klotz, due to its high architectural quality, the 15-metre-long Prora model was awarded the Gran Prix at the World Exhibition in Paris.The outbreak of WWII stopped its completion. The locals think of Prora more in terms of its use as a soldier training camp during the Cold War rather than as part of Hitler’s holiday plans.
For decades the area located on one of Rügen’s finest beaches, close to the famous Baltic seaside resort Binz, was a restricted military area. Today, it hosts education, documentation & research centre, museum, youth hostel & luxury flats.


The PRORA CENTRE offers tours of the grounds around block 5 in the northern part of Prora and invites to visit the exhibitions displaying the development during its nearly 90-year history.