Classic car & military museum

Where East meets West

For all technology enthusiasts there are two fascinating museums in the immediate vicinity of the former Prora resort.

The Oldtimer Museum Rügen

is a unique classic car museum offering a tour through 40 years of divided German automotive history from 1949 to 1989. The East-West comparison presents over 80 typified passenger cars and their special features. The VIP among these cars is without doubt the Volvo 264 TE, the state car of the GDR. The museum exhibits a wide selection of fire engines and steam locomotives. The eye catcher is the 250-ton Russian express train locomotive P 36-0123, the heaviest in Europe.

The NVA-Museum Rügen

invites you to a military-technical time travel into one of the most exciting epochs of the recent past. In the times of the Cold War the NVA, the National People’s Army of the GDR, was one of the best equipped armies of the Eastern Bloc with thousands of tanks, airplanes and many other vehicles. Only a few examples of the robust vehicles are still preserved in Germany. Some of them can be marvelled today in the NVA-Museum Rügen at Prora.