Beaches and resort architecture

Great places for sun and sand lovers

With 38 miles of white sandy beaches, Rügen became a hip getaway for nature-starved Berliners (the capital is only 190 miles away). But it actually looks back on a long and storied tradition as a holiday destination. Otto von Bismarck, Albert Einstein and Christopher Isherwood were among the rich, smart and famous who vacationed here.
Numerous white villas and guest houses constructed at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century beautify the most popular Baltic Sea resorts Binz and Sellin.

Binz, Rügen’s largest sea side resort, lies on one of the island’s most beautiful bays. The long sandy beach with its resort architecture along the promenade lures to take a stroll or hunker down in one of typical, canopied beach wicker chairs and enjoy the maritime atmosphere.

The most popular sight of Sellin and one that has come to be recognized as an icon of Rügen is the Sellin Pier reconstructed in historic design from 1927. The “Stairway to heaven” and the elevator lead the hill to the 394-meter-long pier with its restaurant that is also registrar’s office and therefore a popular place for weddings.

The neighbouring Baltic Sea resorts Baabe, Göhren and Thiessow offer family friendly atmosphere in a gorgeous landscape and ideal wind conditions for surfers and kiters.


The diving gondola at the end of the pier invites all guests who do not dive themselves but still want to get to know the fascinating underwater world of the Baltic Sea on dry feet.